You’re an influence whether you want to be or not

One of my acquaintances on Instagram posted this screenshot of Kid President’s Facebook update.

It hit me squarely between the eyes. I felt it was worth sharing without any commentary.

That said, here are some comments….

The important point, for me, is that someone is watching me.  More than what they hear me say, it’s what I do that is doing much of the teaching.

Although I know a bunch of folks that have leap-frogged their parents in nearly every measure of character, I also know that my role as Dad is a stewardship. I’d much rather set an example and be a worthy role model than weigh them down with all kinds of baggage out of teh gate.

These little ones are watching me. They see how I react to things – whether I fly off the handle or respond with grace and patience.

They’ll hear me tell them how important it is to walk by faith and to love God, but they’ll learn more if I actually walk by faith and love God.

It’s what I consistently do that means much more than how much I tell them what they should do.

They might hear us.  But they’re watching us much more intently than they’ll ever listen to us.

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