You Have to Kill the Creepers

You Must Kill the Creepers
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When my kids first started playing Minecraft on their Kindles, they hung out in creative mode.

Creative mode is safe.

It’s where you have most of what you need to build houses and other things at your disposal. If you’re a Minecraft fan, please don’t shame me for my lack of correct vocabulary.

But then my boys started heading into survival mode. All bets were off. You could be pleasantly chopping away at a tree or tossing wood together for a mansion and then a ‘Creeper’ appears to make your life miserable.

From my brief over-the-shoulder viewing of my kids playing the game, it seems these Creepers are abundant and relentless. And if memory serves, others can facilitate Creepers being unleashed into your world, distracting you from building whatever it is you’re trying to build.

You Must Kill the Creepers

You don’t have to be a brain surgeon to see where I’m going with this.

Most of us are trying to build some kind of body of work with our lives. I don’t think it’s overblown to say that we all leave some kind of legacy – good, bad, big, small, forgettable, memorable. Even if only known by a few others, we will leave some kind of imprint.

Like in Minecraft, we will continually be attacked by a variety of Creepers while we try to build something – with our families, with our careers, for our communities.

And the fact they are called ‘Creepers’ is perfect. Most of us don’t have to battle obvious foes each day while we build our bodies of work.

Most of us have to fight subtle enemies… enemies that slowly creep up on us like undetectable vines secretly growing up around our metaphorical toes, then feet, then ankles, then calves and on up. Before we know it, the Slow Creep of these Creepers destroy or greatly hamper progress.

Can You Recognize the Creepers?

We all know what our own personal Creepers are. I won’t list them here.

Creepers kill our time.

Creepers attack our decision-making around money.

Creepers make us lazy.

Creepers encourage us to eat bowls of ice cream after 10:30pm.

Creepers love Hulu, Netflix, HBO, and Facebook.

We Don’t Get to Live in Creative Mode

It would be nice if we got to live all of our lives in creative mode where we had all the tools and supplies we needed and never got attacked on any level.

But we all know that creative mode is fantasy land.

In reality, we live in survival mode. We have to forage for supplies. We have to be on the lookout for Creepers. We have to do battle daily to build bodies of work that will leave legacies we’re proud of. We must build and protect all at the same time.

The good thing is that most of us (a) know the Creepers that love to attack us and (b) know exactly what to do about it even if we don’t always make the decision to kill the Creeper.

Today…. take a moment to recognize when the Creeper. Call it out for what it is. Brandish your sword. And kill the ugly green thing.


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