Will Your Future Self Appreciate You or Despise You for Your Decisions Today?

Every decision that I make right now, every action or inaction, every commitment – or lack of commitment… It all has consequences that become either a joy or a burden to my future self.

Our actions and inactions affect others that are close to us. But we fail to realize that those same actions and inactions are writing checks that our future selves are going to have to cash – for better or for worse.

When I put off getting into top physical shape, I’m asking my future self to endure injury or health problems.

When I put off loving my wife as well as I should, I’m asking my future self to repair damage that I allow to creep into our marriage.

When I don’t take time to focus on my children, I’m asking my future self to handle all kinds of repercussions that might have been avoided.

When I spend money or procrastinate at work or fail to save, I’m asking my future self to hand out carts at Home Depot until I’m 89.

It’s an interesting and sobering thought. But it’s also an exciting thought!

Every time I do the opposite, I get to reap the rewards. My future self will thank me.

When I take time to exercise and make good food choices, my future self has a greater shot at being active and energetic.

When I get creative and thoughtful about how I engage with my wife, then my future self will enjoy greater intimacy and fulfilling marriage.

When I invest time in my children, then my future self has a greater chance at enjoying the phenomenon of a kids who will want to come home to visit even though they don’t need to for any reason other than to spend time with their parents and each other.

In the end, you’re building or you’re tearing down the life that your future self will experience.

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