Why Should We Expect to be World Class if We Don’t Put in World Class Work?

The Williams sisters – Venus and Serena – are world class at tennis. Everybody knows it. They’re used as examples all the time in the cheeseball success literature and podcast content I consume.

The Williams sisters, Michael Jordan, Tom Brady and so forth. They’re all touted as world class.

We idolize them and as kids, we wanted to be them – or their equivalent depending on how old you are.

The thing is that we want to be world class, but not many of us were willing to be world class at work.

And poor ‘Talent’. If Talent was a human, it would be the most falsely accused human on the planet. We blame our own lack of success on Talent – that the talent fairy didn’t pop by the hospital when we were born and bestow upon us what was needed to become world class or wildly successful at whatever we want our craft to be.

Yes… there is some Talent at work, but Talent is a much smaller piece of becoming world class than we want to believe. The more talent an endeavor requires, the. more we feel absolved for our lack of work.

the truth is this: We do not deserve to be world class at anything unless we’re willing to put in world class work. Period.

The Williams sisters spent hours and hours and hours missing out on a normal childhood so they could become amazing at tennis.

What kind of ours do you and I put in order to be amazing at our profession, avocation, hobby, etc?

And if we don’t actually put in the work, do we blame it on our personality type or lack of talent or lack of opportunity or lack of a mentor or whatever?

Stop it. (I’m talking to myself as much as to you)

The only person I have to blame for my lack of success or approximation of ‘world class’ is my own lack of clarity on a plan, courage to execute, and continual, persistent focus.

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