Why “I Could Never Do That” Is a Load of Crap

Day 5 – 75Hard Phase 1

Sure… there are some things you might not have the genetic physical capabilities to do. Let’s go ahead and remove that stupid argument.

But let me tell you something that I believe wholeheartedly – and that I’m about 99.9-110% sure that it is true for 98% of us who are in typical to even very difficult physical shape (again – you might have some medical thing blah blah blah – I’m not talking to you).

You can run the marathon. 
You can tackle a triathlon.
You can lose weight.
You can deadlift all kinds of big old plates.
You can learn a language.
You can learn the guitar.
You can become a good salesperson.
You can develop into a good leader.
You can be a good parent.

And so forth and so on.

I, a dude who had a goal for 12-15 years to achieve a particular weight (180 to be exact) and generally just get my ass into shape, finally did so. After years of overeating and, frankly, over-drinking and not sticking to plans and not exercising.

The one thing, throughout that whole time, that I did NOT do was make excuses.

I was clear about why I wasn’t hitting my goal or making progress at all.

I simply wasn’t executing a plan. That’s it. I knew that could. I just chose not to make the little decisions and take the little actions that could eventually lead to the changes.

Over these last few months, I’ve found myself in those conversations with folks who say, “I could never do what you’ve done.” Or “I just don’t have that kind of discipline.”

Ask my wife. I do not have innate discipline. I wasn’t born with discipline. I don’t have weird genetic markers that give me the ability to get up at 4:30 or 5:00 and go outside to take a 45 minute walk.

And getting up early to take a walk outside for 45 minutes is where it all started for me last year.

So… you can do it. Whatever ‘it’ is.

You just have to prioritize it. Learn to silence the voice inside your head that tells you you’re not the type of person who can do this or that. Create a plan – even if it’s a stupid plan – and just execute the plan. Learn as you go. Edit the plan. Keep going.

It’s as simple as that.

Don’t get me wrong. None of this might be easy. You might be battling years of horrible thinking about yourself or assumptions or debilitating self-talk or what have you. Don’t let this post be a discouragement to you.

Just give this a shot. When you hear yourself tell yourself, “That’s not something you can do.” Ask yourself this follow up question, “Why not me?”

See if you come up with any good reasons.

Even if you do, I’m sure you can also muster up some good reasons that will say, “I can because….”

Then go out and take a simple first step with a commitment to do it again tomorrow. Little daily steps. Don’t quit. You got this.

Let me know if I can help!

Today is Day 5 of 75Hard, Phase 1 – in my attempt to conquer the full Live Hard program.

The first book I’m reading during this 30 day reset: The Art of Impossible – A Peak Performance Primer, by Steven Kotler

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