Why Do I Never Learn?

75Hard – Phase 3 – Day 1

Possibly, I’m all hopped up on adrenaline.

Possibly, though, it’s the realization when I get back into the rhythm of 75Hard, my life gets a sort of chiropractic adjustment.

I’m reoriented and refocused.

I have a clear set of tasks that I know will make my life better and make me better at life (sorry to steal from Andy Stanley and his recurring statement that life with Jesus makes our lives better and makes us better at life).

Why don’t I ever learn this?

Why don’t I ever learn that consistent exercise, feeding my mind with quality content (that 10 pages of reading a day that you gotta do), feeding my body with that gallon of water and good eating (and no alcohol), among other things (hello cold shower, random act of kindness, and conversation with a stranger – for phase 3)… why don’t I ever learn that when I give myself clear daily missions that things tend to align better?

By no means does it remove all the stress or prevent bad things from happening, but it helps put all the things in context and helps me be more focused on attacking whatever does come up.

All that said, if I procrastinate on the tasks, it can also cause issues when I have to cram everything in later in the evening and impose on my family time.

While I hate it when that happens during a 75Hard push, I also realize we procrastinate and cram and impose on family time with less than good stuff anyway.

At least when I’m getting a second workout in between 10:00-11:00 at night, I’m making myself stronger and hopefully a better human for my family in the future.

So… why don’t I learn?

Why do I, over time, stray and drift from maintaining most of these habits in the in between times?

We’re so easily convinced that taking it easy, eating and drinking whatever we want, and consuming the content that the bots want us to is ‘freedom’.

It is not freedom.

When will I learn?

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