When My Plans for Productivity Are Stupid

I went to my daughter’s basketball practice recently.

I carted in my water bottle full of cucumber slices, the book I’m currently reading (Essentialism – highly recommended), and my journal.

My plan was to read, journal, and watch my 3rd grader become the next Maya Moore.

I was going to be productive. I was going to journal and read and write.

That was dumb.

As soon as I walked my daughter back to the gym. Stood there for about 2 1/2 minutes with the other parents, I walked right back out, dropped my book and journal in my car and went back in to watch practice and get to know the other parents.

I was glad I didn’t try to be all introspective in the middle of a basketball practice over in the corner. I mean… I could hear it now: “That weird dude was there with his journal, taking notes or something while his daughter sunk her first layup!”

My point… presence trumps productivity every single time. I got to know a couple guys a little bit and had fun watching my daughter knock it around out on the court. I might have missed that if I was all buried in my book.

Just a little encouragement today to be disciplined and keep your habits, but not at the expense of being present when it’s time to be present. I should set a screensaver with that sentence.


As mentioned earlier, I’m reading Essentialism: The Disciplined Pursuit of Less. It’s a great little book to help sift through all the possible things we could be doing to focus in on the one thing we should be doing at any given moment. Go check it out. (affiliate link)

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