When in Doubt, Do Your Best

I read this quote today from Millionaire Success Habits by Dean Graziosi (one of those books that have been darkening my bookshelves for years only now to pull down and read – partially to stop buying so many books).

The full quote:

I know so many people who hate what they do for a living; they are dreaming, hoping, and trying as hard as they an to find the career or business they know they will love. But until you find that thing you love to do, use this quick success hack: do the absolute best you can, even if you hate it, until your next level kicks in. Yes, it doesn’t matter what it is, always give it 110%. (Emphasis added)

Millionaire Success Habits, p. 216

I love this idea of doing your best, even if you hate it. And I love it not just in the context of career. I love it in the context of just doing the next thing you’re supposed to do.

Basically, doing your best, regardless of what it is, is more about skill development.

It’s developing not only the skill of the thing you’re doing at the moment. It’s also developing a huge, overarching skill that will serve all other skills.

The skill of excellence.

I don’t know how many stories I’ve run across in my life where a person was excellently executing a menial job only to be discovered and promoted.

If that same person was mailing it in because the menial task seemed unimportant in and of itself, then the opportunity of discovery would never have happened.

There are also those stories where the person, upon developing the skill of excellence, discovers a passion for doing the thing better than anybody else and creates a business. Landscaping. Janitorial services. Construction. Marketing.

Doing menial things or seemingly unimportant things to the best of your ability will unlock opportunity.

Beyond that, it will put in the habit of doing all things with excellence, so that when you are doing higher value tasks or projects, you’ll be used to giving it your all vs. half-assing it.

So… do your best. Regardless of what the task is. I’ll try to do the same because I don’t have this skill on lockdown quite yet!

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