What is the Joy of the Lord?

Day 11 – 75Hard Phase 1

My mom asked me this question the other day.

Normally, when those of us who are Christians talk about the ‘Joy of the Lord’, we assume we’re talking about the human’s joy about God.

It is the joy we experience when we dwell on the goodness of our Father in heaven.

But my mom asked me the question in a different way. She asked me what God’s joy would be. Like the joy that the Lord experiences.

Theological correctness would have me answer the question in this way: The Lord is fully complete within the Trinity, finding complete joy within the fellowship among the Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit.

But as a dad, I have to think there is something else that contributes to the Lord’s joy.

When I see my kiddos taking risks to go after activities they love or really enjoy some skill they’re developing or take a stand for truth or justice or kindness. When I see them love other students well or offer gratitude to a teacher or some other parent… .

That’s when I feel deep joy.

When I see my children operating in the fullness of their gifts and in the fullness of the goodness in their personalities.

I have to think God experiences similar joy.

When I don’t shrink back, but boldly go after my goals.

When I don’t hesitate, but offer empathy and grace to others.

When I don’t assume that I can’t really make a difference, but try to make a positive move regardless – even if I’m only influencing a couple people.

There has to be a little joy that God gets from that when we walk in the fullness of who He created us to be and when we are good stewards of the opportunities and blessings He’s given us.

I believe that that right there is a pretty big aspect of the Joy of the Lord.

Today is Day 11 of 75Hard, Phase 1 – in my attempt to conquer the full Live Hard program, cold showers and all.

The first book I’m reading during this 30 day reset: The Art of Impossible – A Peak Performance Primer, by Steven Kotler

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  1. Hi Brett,

    I’ve been following your blog for a while. I really enjoy the topics that you write about. I appreciate how you write about both spiritual ideas and personal development and how the two go together in your day-to-day life.
    I’m a Christian who likes to read personal development books, too. (The personal development book that I’m currently reading is Overlap by Sean McCabe.)

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