What if You Only Had One Opportunity?

Day 14 – 75Hard Phase 1

I’m watching this Super Bowl (2022 – Bengals vs. Rams) as I write this post.

Every time I watch a huge sporting event like a Super Bowl or NBA Championship or NCAA National Championship, it hits me how few people actually get those opportunities.

For many who get that opportunity, only get one.

What’s the best way to handle that big opportunity?

Having never been too successful in sports, but often finding myself in situations that might not present themselves again, here’s my educated opinion:

  1. Urgency: Prepare as if you’ll never be there again.
  2. Detachment: Don’t assume your life depends on it.

The only thing you can do is train and prepare.

Most of us spend too much time so stressed about the outcome, that we cannot get in the right mental spot to prepare. We are overwhelmed with the outcome options.

That’s where part 2 comes in: You have to have enough detachment from the thing so you can retain the calm to prepare.

You must hold the two things in tension: urgency and detachment.

You absolutely have to want it and prepare as if your life depends on it.

But you have to have enough detachment so that you can see the field clearly and aren’t so dang uptight that you can’t access your preparation.

There’s the key… prepare yet remain relaxed enough so that your preparation is easily accessible.

How, you ask?

Preparation – this is probably the easier part for you to figure out. Most of us know what preparation for events in our chosen field look like.

It’s the detachment part that is difficult. Meditation. Prayer. Realizing that nearly every failure isn’t final for life. Faith, for me, is absolutely vital.

So prepare for each thing in your life as if it’s never going to happen again. Maximize the opportunity. Yet realize that your life doesn’t depend on it.

My thoughts here are a work in progress, but I think it’s important for each person to steward each moment and each opportunity with the respect that an an athlete would treat a title game.

Prepare with urgency. Yet maintain some level of emotional detachment.

Today is Day 14 of 75Hard, Phase 1 – in my attempt to conquer the full Live Hard program, cold showers and all.

The first book I’m reading during this 30 day reset: The Art of Impossible – A Peak Performance Primer, by Steven Kotler

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