There is practically nothing original about what I write

I’ve been trying to pull some blog ideas from old notes and texts to my kiddos.

Everything I sent to them and all my random notes in my phone are all stolen from other folks.

That’s okay.

Partly, this is because I’m not that smart.

Partly, it’s because there’s not a whole lot new to say about some of the things I normally write about.

Truth doesn’t change.

Certain principles are hard and fast.

I’m not saying my posts have locked into absolute truth and scientifically verifiable hard and fast psychological principles.

But I do think that it’s often more important for us to take what we’ve learned and rehash it enough until we actually embody it and can live it.

None of us have a knowledge problem.

Most of us have a doing problem.

A ‘take action’ problem.

We know. We don’t apply.

We spout off stuff like what I write, but we don’t execute.

For me, this platform is a way to remind myself to do.

It’s more than that, but it definitely isn’t my purpose to make you think I got stuff nailed. I don’t.

Like that old C.S. Lewis quote (at least from the movie): I don’t pray to change God. I pray so that I change (paraphrased).

I don’t write to dispense my wisdom. I write to better learn stuff and to help create some additional layers of accountability to actually execute.

That’s why nothing is all that original. I’m just reprocessing and reminding myself, and if it helps others (teaching others some things actually creates still more layers of accountability), then that’s an awesome bonus!

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