The Unexpected Power of Expectation

I’m not a ‘The Secret’ type of guy. Of course, I’ve never read that book, so what follows might indicate that I actually am that type of guy.

Let me start over. I’m not the type of guy who believes that you can just wish something into existence. The mere hoping that something comes to pass will not make that thing come to pass.

That doesn’t mean expecting a certain outcome will not help you achieve that outcome more times than if you expected the opposite outcome.

If you expect an outcome, you will, over time, begin to do the things needed see that outcome happen. You’ll practice. You’ll gather the right resources. You’ll make the right relationships.

Over time, that thing will happen more often than it would if you didn’t expect that thing to happen. It still might not happen the majority of the time, but it will happen more than it would if you expected the opposite outcome.

If you expect to win, you’ll lose less often (or win more).

That said, if you merely hope to win, good luck. I do not believe that will move the needle that much. In that situation, you’ll merely do enough to get by, close your eyes, and hope that something accidentally falls your way. Usually this means you expected to lose but hoped to win.

If you expect to win, you’ll do the work. You’ll build the thing. You’ll research. You’ll plan. You’ll prepare. You’ll put in the effort.

Consider your history with this idea. When you expected to win or lose, be successful or unsuccessful vs. just kind of hoping things worked out.

Which perspective had the most influence in a positive way?

Start today with a new expectation.

Expect to win.

Begin doing the things that someone who should win in your particular situation would have to do in order to win.

Develop the disciplines.

Talk to the right people.

Have the right conversations.

Learn the things you need to learn.

Plan. Create the agenda. Do the after-action review.

Expect the right stuff. Do the right stuff.

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