The Possibilities…

What are the possibilities of the current situation you’re in right now?

As I’m writing this, I’m about to hit my second week of being ‘sheltered in place’ during the COVID-19 pandemic. I’m fortunate in that our situation allows us to stay put in our home for the most part, and I have a temperament compatible to not being out and about too much.

I’m one of those false-positive extroverts. I test as an extrovert, but when it comes down to it, I could while away much of my life alone or with just a few people with relative ease.

This short bit of writing isn’t about my temperament, though. It’s about how to find the possibilities in a very difficult situation.

The Cause of Overwhelm – Too Many Choices

The fact of the matter right now, we are all living within boundaries that we’ve not had to live under before. Boundaries feel restrictive and they feel like they are confining. They might be (on both accounts), but boundaries also provide immense possibility.

Have you ever been overwhelmed? What usually is the cause of overwhelm? I’ll answer that question… Too much choice. That’s what causes overwhelm. Too much choice and lack of clarity. When we’re overwhelmed, we stop in our tracks and life is difficult to navigate.

Boundaries Provide Focus

You might be overwhelmed right now with fear and anxiety. One way to handle those emotions is to focus on something you can control and actually take action on. Having these boundaries right now forces fewer choices and allows you to focus on fewer things, if you choose to do so.

Since you’re world has now confined you down to trips to the grocery store and possibly takeout, you can actually focus on the possibilities of improvement directly around you and in your control (as long as you turn off the news every once in a while).

  • Where can you improve your living space?
  • How can you focus your exercise routine based on what you have around your house or the nature you have access to?
  • What personal writing or reading projects have you been putting off?
  • How can you pour into your family and friends?
  • What work projects do you now have freedom to work on since some of the urgencies have calmed down?

You and I can waste away our time watching a bunch of stuff on all the channels and subscriptions, but we can also take control of things more than ever before because there is so much less that we can control.

What can your new limitations make possible for you? A worthy question – and worth asking because…. what else do you have going on right now?

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