The Best Way to Complete a #Whole30. Day 29 & 30, #75hard

Blogging here and there through the 75Hard Challenge

Yesterday was Day 29. Today is Day 30.

Therefore, I’m less than half-way through my 75Hard Challenge.

But I’m about to finish my Whole30. It was the easiest Whole30 I’ve ever tackled.

That’s not because I’m a super disciplined fellow.

It’s because I have 45 more days to go on the 75Hard Challenge. I’m focused way out ahead of 30 days, so the 30 days just sort of came and went.

No factor.

When I’ve focused so heavily on just getting through the 30 days, I was limping across the finish line.

I’m trying to pull a lesson from this experience. I know there’s one in there somewhere.

It could be that we are able to do a lot more than we think we can.

It could be that we have a lot more stamina and ability to endure what we consider ‘deprivation’ (which really isn’t deprivation) than we realize.

It could be that our minds are so powerful that if we set our challenge out beyond a former goal, then we might find that goal a mere blip in time. Not nearly as daunting as we thought.

Regardless, pushing myself to hit the 75 day mark has made the 30 day thing pale.

The trick now is… what will my habits – eating and exercise and reading – be after the 75 days.

Workout 1: 46 minute walk in the neighborhood. 2.59 miles
Workout 2: Push Day, 2003 Rock Hard Challenge Month 1, Week 2.

Reading: Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin, pages 221-232

Diet: Whole30

  • Brunch: Veggie omelet with Costco low-sodium, Whole30 approved bacon
  • Dinner: Filet with steamed broccoli and salad (with Primal Kitchen Green Goddess dressing).
  • Pistachios and Almonds – here and there through the day as a snack.

Resource & Program Links:

75Hard Website

Whole30 Program Guidelines

Books I’ve Read During the Challenge:

(Currently Reading): Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

The Motivation Code by Todd Henry

Leadership Strategies and Tactics: Field Manual by Jocko Willink

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