The Advice You Need Right Now

Monday morning quarterback: Thoughts on the sermon I heard the previous day at church. This week is is the second part of You’ll Be Glad You Did by Andy Stanley, North Point Community Church

Most impactful quote (this is pretty close to it): “The advice you need right now is most often the advice you most do NOT want to hear.”

This statement is powerful in the fact that it is simple and nearly universally true.

How often do we need to hear that person tell us the thing we don’t want to hear, although we know it’s true, in order to help us avoid making huge mistakes in the coming days, months, or years?

The doctor that tells you that you have to stop eating or drinking this or that, or else.

The friend who tells you that you have to stop dating him or her, or else.

The parent who tells you that you better start saving your money and quit wasting it, or else.

The teacher who tells you that you better start studying a little bit every night because these tests aren’t ‘crammable’, or else.

The manager at work who reminds you that you better make more sales calls, or else.

A lot of times, these are the voices of wisdom – whether we like the source or not – because they remind us that what we do now is connected to what comes later.

That theme runs through the first two sermons in this series: Life is Connected.

Your present is connected to your future. What you do today – or don’t do today – will inevitably show up with positive or negative consequences in the future.

Further, you are connected to others around you.

The decisions you make do not only affect you and your future, but those who depend on you or who love you or over whom you’ve been given some sort of stewardship.

Dads and moms don’t make decisions that only affect them. Their decisions will have consequences on their children.

Likewise, kids’ decisions don’t just affect themselves. They’re connected to their parents, their other siblings, their friends.

A boss’s laziness doesn’t just affect his own career trajectory, but also those who depend on his leadership.

The series focuses on the idea of wisdom.

Some decisions, in and of themselves, aren’t necessarily right or wrong from a ‘sin’ or ‘consequence’ perspective. Yet.

And that, to me, is the point: the ‘yet’ part.

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