Clarity, Vision, Action, Focus, Perseverance

Clarity, Vision, Action, Focus, Perseverance. Clarity: You must be clear on your priorities. What are the things most important to you? Can you write these things down? Vision: What are your dreams for the things and people that are most important to you? Where you do you want to be this time next year? 3… Continue reading Clarity, Vision, Action, Focus, Perseverance

Priorities, Politics, and Riding the Rapids

The purpose of this blog is not discussing politics. There’s plenty of those resources out there if that’s your thang. My purpose is to encourage you to live a prioritized life. That’s what living Simply in the Suburbs is all about: navigating suburban distractions using the compass of your priorities. Politics is merely one of… Continue reading Priorities, Politics, and Riding the Rapids

Living the Prioritized Life

Sounds exciting doesn’t it? Sounds like effort. It sounds like spreadsheets and goal charts and too much thought. I agree, but it also sounds like a few other things. Living the prioritized life sounds like purpose. It sounds like intentionality. It sounds like focusing on the important. It sounds, to me, like a life well-lived. And… Continue reading Living the Prioritized Life