Spring Cleaning

Photo Credit: rex dart: eskimo spy via Compfight cc

Have you ever gone into your closet and decided that nothing is sacred? The letterman’s jacket that somehow has followed you since 1987 finally finds itself in the ‘Donate’ box? Those britches that you swore 7 years ago you’d fit back into finally make it into the ‘Trash’ box because even if you could fit… Continue reading Spring Cleaning

Do It Scared

We normally don’t regret doing something that frightened us (even if we were scared to death the whole time). A perfect example is a 8 year old on a roller coaster. The idea is exciting. The reality becomes frightening as the line becomes shorter, and he boards the coaster. He struggles to catch his breath… Continue reading Do It Scared

Who Can I Serve?

When I think about trying to get over a certain hump or push through a particular problem, I normally ask myself questions like these… What can I do differently to move things along? How can I do this better? How can I change processes? What’s my dang problem? What disciplines do I need to put… Continue reading Who Can I Serve?

How to Conquer Overwhelm

One of the reasons we struggle with making significant change is this thing called overwhelm. At least, overwhelm is one of my arch-enemies. Why Overwhelm Is an Enemy My garage oppresses me (the picture above isn’t mine, though). ¬†Boxes of holiday decorations (from Easter to Halloween to Thanksgiving to Christmas). Out of place tools (because… Continue reading How to Conquer Overwhelm