Why Plan for a New Year?

There is nothing magical about going through an end of the year or beginning of the year planning process. There’s no reason you shouldn’t go through it at the beginning of a school year or some time in April or any other time that makes sense to you. But I do believe there is power… Continue reading Why Plan for a New Year?

Starting Well – An Invitation and a Challenge

We all know that making change is much easier in community. Anonymous groups are built on the idea that it takes a community surrounding each individual for consistent change to take hold. One man vs. a bottle results in frustration or worse. One man + a group of fellow strugglers clawing after the same goal… Continue reading Starting Well – An Invitation and a Challenge

My One Word for 2014

Photo Credit: Kean Kelly via Compfight cc

This is the fourth December in a row that I’m participating in theĀ #OneWord365 ritual started by Ms. Alece Ronzino from Grit and Glory. I suppose it’s one of my yearly traditions now since I didn’t have to be reminded to do it. The premise is simple: Choose one word as your main guiding principle, theme,… Continue reading My One Word for 2014

What I Mean by ‘Simple Family’

Part 2 in my walk through the core pieces of Simply in the Suburbs. Part 1 was ‘Simple Faith’ A simple family is characterized by margin and purposeful intentionality (that phrase might be redundant, but I’m fine with that). The less margin we have, the less we are able to enjoy being a family. The… Continue reading What I Mean by ‘Simple Family’

One Change at a Time

Dave Ramsey calls it gazelle-like intensity. It’s equating a gazelle’s flight from its predator to a person or family’s flight from financial mess. Or it’s packing up your bags and heading to some kind of boot camp to get in shape for 8 weeks. Or it’s heading to a residential treatment facility for addiction or… Continue reading One Change at a Time

Three Simple Principles for the New Year

I brainstormed my goals for 2013 in Evernote. The total? 66 projects and goals. That is an overwhelming number. And chances are, I won’t get to all of them. That’s sometimes an excuse not to chip away at any of them. Something that is becoming more helpful: Filtering the goals through guiding principles. Three Simple… Continue reading Three Simple Principles for the New Year