What it means to cease striving

Whether you are a believer or not, you might have heard the verse from the Book of Psalms (in the Bible) that goes like this: Cease striving and know that I am God – Ps 46:10a Most translations say “Be still and know that I am God.” I quote this to myself on occasion because… Continue reading What it means to cease striving

Do It Scared

We normally don’t regret doing something that frightened us (even if we were scared to death the whole time). A perfect example is a 8 year old on a roller coaster. The idea is exciting. The reality becomes frightening as the line becomes shorter, and he boards the coaster. He struggles to catch his breath… Continue reading Do It Scared

A Time to Start All Over

I used to laugh at the observance of Lent, but then one year I actually gave up sweets and alcohol during the season (and lost 10 pounds… but that’s not the most important thing I got from the whole exercise). Who knows what everybody’s motivations are. The idea of giving up stuff for Lent seems… Continue reading A Time to Start All Over

What I Mean by ‘Simple Faith’

I will walk through the main categories on this blog over the next few weeks to clarify (a) why they are categories, (b) what I hope to talk about in these different areas, and (c) what, right now, the ideal picture of growth in each area might look like. All of these ideas are subject… Continue reading What I Mean by ‘Simple Faith’

How to Become an Effective Person

First off, I don’t claim to have the secret to accomplishing this feat of “becoming effective.” I’m just trying to figure it out myself. Effectiveness isn’t a common goal. We want to be successful, happy, purposeful.  Effective sounds a little harsh. It sounds too utilitarian. But to me, it’s not about being an uber-disciplined hard body… Continue reading How to Become an Effective Person