Consistency is King

Over the past year and a half, I’ve been in the 1st Phorm Challenge community via the 1st Phorm app. The app is kind of a bargain, although any app that costs any sort of money is sometimes seen as a ripoff. My philosophy is that if I’m not paying, I won’t use it. Free… Continue reading Consistency is King

How lack of clarity kills consistency

There is so much noise out there right now. Various forms of media bombard us throughout the day, everyday.  Social media has amplified this bombardment who knows how many times. It’s like our brains are attached to a fire hose of information that never turns off. We also have a lot of noise inside our… Continue reading How lack of clarity kills consistency

Slow and Steady Always Wins

It’s no secret that when we decide we want to see a change, that we want that change to happen quickly. Whether we want to see our children change one particularly annoying bit of behavior or if we want to see ourselves make better food choices or develop a discipline around exercise or finances. We… Continue reading Slow and Steady Always Wins

How to Get Your Groove Back

Mondays. I should find an appropriate Garfield cartoon for this post. Mondays… the end of the weekend, the beginning of the work week.  The day of dread for so many people out there (which is kind of sad that most people dislike their work so much that they can’t stand Mondays). One of my biggest… Continue reading How to Get Your Groove Back

Consistency Breeds Opportunity

Consistency does not only make you better at the thing about which you’re being consistent. Consistency is a skill in and of itself. And that skill breeds opportunity. If you shoot 100 free throws a day or write daily or fine tune your snark on your Facebook posts daily, you’ll improve on those skills. More… Continue reading Consistency Breeds Opportunity