More Isn’t Always Better

Our family celebrated one of the cousin’s birthdays recently 11with a pool party at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law’s neighborhood pool. When we got back to the house after all of the splishing, splashing, and Marco-Poloing, my in-laws offered all of the kids something out of their garage fridge. The garage fridge: where suburbanites keep all… Continue reading More Isn’t Always Better

#SimplyThankful – Let’s End November Well

This is November. Normally, my Facebook and other feeds are filled with gratitude-based posts to the effect of “30 days of Gratitude” with little things folks are thankful for everyday: My husband came home from work early and cooked dinner! #30DaysofThanks My kids cleaned their rooms this morning! #GratitudeNovember I live in a country where… Continue reading #SimplyThankful – Let’s End November Well