Couch to Cave Challenge: The Results

So… on June 1, 2015 (today is July 1 2015 in case you’re joining us at some point in the future when I accidentally repost this on Twitter or something) I decided to embark on what I called the Couch to Cave Challenge. I should copyright that or trademark it or whatever. This was my… Continue reading Couch to Cave Challenge: The Results

Consistency Breeds Opportunity

Consistency does not only make you better at the thing about which you’re being consistent. Consistency is a skill in and of itself. And that skill breeds opportunity. If you shoot 100 free throws a day or write daily or fine tune your snark on your Facebook posts daily, you’ll improve on those skills. More… Continue reading Consistency Breeds Opportunity

Bouncing Back

Weekends are difficult for me. I can keep nearly any habit from Monday through Friday (or at least Thursday). But on the weekend, I run into the buzz saw of miscellaneous celebrations, family days out, or some other weak excuse to bail on my nutrition plan. This past weekend, my wife was supposed to have… Continue reading Bouncing Back