Sweeping My Side of the Street

This website – Simply in the Suburbs – has been around since December 2012.

My intention was to explore the idea of living with a bit more simplicity. I don’t know if it’s as big of a deal now, but at the time, it seemed like everybody was overly concerned with decluttering closets and garages and bookshelves and life in general.

I never mastered the art of decluttering.

But as my kids have grown and my wife and I have added a few more years to our marriage, I’ve learned that one of the most important things I can do is keep my side of the street as clean as possible.

Decluttered, if you will.

I’ve not mastered this art of keeping my side of the street fully clean either. It is probably the biggest reason I don’t write here very often: I’m not a master of the things I want to write about.

Yet if I want to be who I need to be for my family, for my colleagues, for my clients, for my friends, I have to tend to my side of the street. I have to work on becoming a master of keeping my side of the street clean.

Tend to my physical health, emotional health, spiritual health, and mental health.

Get rest. Get exercise. Pray.

Reflect when I notice I get angry or a bit sad or impatient.

Ask the simple questions: What’s bugging me? Why am I responding this way? Did the punishment fit the crime?

Am I giving the important things in my life the effort they deserve? Am I present with the people I love the most? Am I leaving rooms better than they were when I entered them?

I’ve got to keep the broom handy. It’s important.

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