Stewardship is my Word for 2020

I’m not just a productivity nerd. I’m also one of those nerds that picks a word for the year.

As the title of this post tips you off, my word for 2020 is Stewardship.

I’ve been consumed with the idea of making the most of this COVID-19 ‘shelter-in-place’ situation but I’d forgotten that Stewardship was my word.

I couldn’t have picked a better word!

While most of our routines have been thrown for a loop, we’ve all been given a new set of circumstances to sift through. There are difficulties, yes. But there are also a lot of possibilities.

We have to steward both the difficulties and the possibilities well. Especially the possibilities.

I watched an Instagram Live last night. It was the youth pastor at North Point Community Church, and he was asking the viewers what they’ve realized they took for granted prior to the outbreak of this virus and what they’re going to do about it during the outbreak and after it’s over.

The students who responded were full of wisdom! There were references to friendships and the ability to just spend time with people face to face. One student talked about the opportunity right now to spend time in the Word and in prayer because of all the additional time available.

In the end, it came down to a question of stewardship:

  • How have we stewarded our time, resources, and relationships?
  • How can we best steward our time right now – to focus on improving ourselves, improving the relationships with those we’re super close to at this very moment?
  • How can we better steward all the areas we might have taken for granted before – when this thing is all said and mostly done?

Being a good steward is taking what might not technically belong to us and making the most of it.

  • We don’t own time, but we can make it as fruitful as possible.
  • We don’t own our friends or family, but we can nurture and care for those relationships.
  • You can’t take your cash and other resources with you (ultimately), but you can make the most out of using them as a tool right now – for your and others’ good.

Stewardship. It applies in all areas.

Where do you need to be a better steward? Or even a servant?

You don’t have to adopt my word, but we all would do well to ask and answer those questions.

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