Spring Cleaning

Photo Credit: rex dart: eskimo spy via Compfight cc

Have you ever gone into your closet and decided that nothing is sacred?

The letterman’s jacket that somehow has followed you since 1987 finally finds itself in the ‘Donate’ box?

Those britches that you swore 7 years ago you’d fit back into finally make it into the ‘Trash’ box because even if you could fit back into them, would you really want to? They are SO 2009.

As we get into springtime and start enjoying fresh, new foliage and flowers, consider cleaning some junk out.

The dead of winter will give way to the new life of spring. And new life always requires casting aside things that are no longer needed.

What is it that you need to toss aside?

What do you need to put in the ‘Donate’ box? Better yet, what needs to be shoved into the ‘Trash’ box and taken out to the curb?

We often lose sight of the important things that are in the ‘Keep’ box because they get crowded out by stuff that should be donated or trashed. 

I’ve heard this line a bunch of different places in recent months: If it’s not a Heck Yes, it’s a Heck No! (sometimes interchanged with more colorful language).

Try that idea on for size as you declutter your closets, your calendar, and your heart.

If an opportunity, relationship, or object isn’t a heck yes – whether it be an old pair of beloved hiking boots 0r someone’s request to volunteer when you frankly ain’t got the time, then consider it a heck no.

Dare I say that you should do this with a measure of merciless violence. Don’t hurt anybody or anything (physically at least), but don’t tinker and don’t have too many of those ‘I’ll wait and think about it’ moments.

It takes energy, sweat, and a lot of mental fortitude to cinch up your work pants and dig into your closet to get rid of all the junk.

This isn’t play time.

Spring clean your life.


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Photo Credit: rex dart: eskimo spy via Compfight cc
Photo Credit: rex dart: eskimo spy via Compfight cc


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