#SimplyThankful – Let’s End November Well

This is November.

Normally, my Facebook and other feeds are filled with gratitude-based posts to the effect of “30 days of Gratitude” with little things folks are thankful for everyday:

  • My husband came home from work early and cooked dinner! #30DaysofThanks
  • My kids cleaned their rooms this morning! #GratitudeNovember
  • I live in a country where I’m free to worship as I wish! #30DaysofGratitude
  • Lemon water on the patio outside in 65 degree weather. #30ThankfulDays

But I haven’t seen those AT ALL this year.  We’ll blame the fact that folks have had alternative concerns and worries.

And maybe those fears, concerns, and worries are the very best reason to start focusing on gratitude from here until the end of this month.  That’s right… be thankful past Thanksgiving Day to drive it home.

Why Gratitude?

Gratitude isn’t nearly as pollyanna as you might think.

It’s a violent weapon that cuts through a variety of mental and emotional evils and villains.

Gratitude is not only a mindset and a practice and a thing we do.

It is a spiritual, emotional, and mental AR-15. It can do damage to even the most harmful self-talk, bitterness, and lack of faith.

Joy thief in your life?  Try gratitude.

Comparison kidnappers lurking around? Try gratitude.

Regret drug pushers tempting you? Try gratitude.


Let’s try something through the end of this month.  Given the size of this email list, we’ll have to be a small but strong band of participants. Maybe we can end November well.

Here’s the plan:

  1. Stop by and like the Simply in the Suburbs Facebook Page (Links to other social media outlets are below).

  2. Post on your Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram feeds your daily tidbit of gratitude, marking it with the hashtag #SimplyThankful

  3. I’ll also be running this on my Snapchat feed (@BrettCohrs)

  4. Invite others if you feel so inclined.

Let’s wield the weapon of gratitude during this traditional month of thankfulness.

If gratitude is the furthest thing from your heart and mind right now, then I would recommend you double down. Even if the only thing you can muster gratitude for is a perfectly cooked hard-boiled egg this morning, start there.

Are you in?

Let’s end November strong.

Again, the instructions:

  1. Go here and like the Simply in the Suburbs Facebook Page.

  2. Start posting daily with the hashtag #SimplyThankful. I’ll be scrubbing the web for your posts.

  3. Share with others.

Feel free to reply to this email to let me know you’re in.


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