Pay Yourself First

This morning I woke up and the first thing I did was get on Facebook and get sucked down a blackhole of political posts. I keep saying I’m not interested in reading that stuff yet actions, as they say, speak louder.

I looked up and 10 or 15 minutes have passed. And…there goes the morning.

Do I really set my alarm for 4:30 so I can get up and read fight-baiting Facebook posts and ‘news’ articles about the election?

Do I get up before I want to in order to get drawn into a vortex of fluff pieces on the internet.

I get up early to exercise, read, pray, and write.

I get up early to pay into the accounts that matter – the accounts that are never urgent until they are urgent.

I get up early to tend to my physical health, my spiritual health, my mental health, and to take chunks out of projects that are important to me whether they ever see the light of day or not – those projects that I’ll regret not doing later if I don’t take baby steps on them now.

I don’t need to read inflammatory blog posts – especially right after a presidential election and during the hyped up downward run of the college football season.

I don’t need to scroll through my Instagram, Snapchat, and Twitter feeds.

I don’t need to check whether or not anybody liked one of my posts or check my blog’s stats.

I need to pay myself first. Period.

I recommend the same for you.

Pay yourself first.

It might feel like the equivalent of putting a quarter into a piggy bank.

But do it. Quarters add up. Some days you’ll drop a $5 in that swiney holder of change. You might even drop a $20.

Pay yourself first.

It adds up.


(Though an idea I’ve tried to implement for a while, Ben Settle‘s strange but great little new book Persuasion Secrets of the World’s Most Charismatic & Influential Villains sparked this little ditty today. It’s a short little read with some great reminders about how to put yourself in a mindset that allows you to influence – and while he references villains, don’t fret, these principles are meant to be used for good.)

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