Starve the thing you want to die. Feed the thing you want to flourish. Quit sneaking snacks through the jailhouse doors.


Sacrifice and simplicity go hand in hand. Living simply assumes that sacrificial choices must be made. We can’t continually add to our lives without saying no at times. We love to accumulate. We love to say yes — to things, to people, to events. We have to say “no” if we are going to have… Continue reading Sacrifice

Three Simple Principles for the New Year

I brainstormed my goals for 2013 in Evernote. The total? 66 projects and goals. That is an overwhelming number. And chances are, I won’t get to all of them. That’s sometimes an excuse not to chip away at any of them. Something that is becoming more helpful: Filtering the goals through guiding principles. Three Simple… Continue reading Three Simple Principles for the New Year