7 Lessons from the Week

An attempt to start a weekly roundup column for this little speck of the Internet. This week consisted of a short business trip to Dallas, two hectic days back in my office, and a family day at soccer and planting annuals in the yard. A few resulting lessons … 1.  A simple behavior filter: Does… Continue reading 7 Lessons from the Week

The Crux

“CRUX” is a funny word. We normally only use it in the phrase “crux of the problem.” Typically not by itself. This Easter morning I used the word in my journal after reading all four Gospels’ accounts of the crucifixion. I looked it up: crux [krʌks]n pl cruxes, cruces [ˈkruːsiːz] 1. a vital or decisive stage, point, etc. (often in the… Continue reading The Crux

How Do You Make Decisions?

It seems that choices fall into three categories: Choices that are healthy and helpful Choices that are harmful Choices that appear perfectly neutral How many times have you said, “I’ll just do this–won’t hurt”? Lent is approaching. And Lent always faces me with a question to fast or not. And if I fast, what will… Continue reading How Do You Make Decisions?

My One Word is Generosity

I’ve been following the One Word 365 practice (which now appears to be a movement) for the last two years. In 2011, my one word was Simplicity. In 2012, my one word was Energy. If my personal blog was still up and running (more than just the home page, I’d link to the posts about… Continue reading My One Word is Generosity