One Way to Reduce Fear in Your Life

Back when I was a middle schooler, I had my share of crushes. In truth, I probably wasted a lot of time worrying about those crushes.

I’d decide that I really wanted to call some girl I had a crush on and… you know, I’m not sure. I didn’t date. I don’t remember why I’d call them. Maybe I just wanted to chat.

Regardless, I’d be scared to death. And my method to overcome the fear would be to dial her number and hit the little ‘hang-up’ button (this was in the 1980s) really fast. If the phone didn’t hang up, I’d stay on the call and figure it out as I went.

If the phone went back to the dial tone, then I’d hem and haw and do the same dance again. There were times when I spent 30 min – 60 min just dialing and hitting the button before finally I hit it just right that the call would go through.

The whole time, my anxiety grew and grew and grew.

From there, I’d just ask to talk to the girl. And we’d talk or not. I’m sure I was an idiot sometimes, but I do not remember a thing about any of those conversations.

I just remember my anxiety building over dialing the number.

The call itself? No big deal.

How could I have removed nearly all of the anxiety and fear?

I should have just removed the time factor and just dialed the number and made the call.

How, then, can you reduce fear in your life?

Remove as much time from the equation as possible.

Shorten the time between having the thought to do something and doing that thing.

When you have clarity about what to do, just do it. Have courage and just do it. Don’t plan too much – or any. Don’t try to anticipate every eventuality. Just do the thing.

You might have a glitch that requires a different approach, but in the meantime, try to reduce the time between thought and action.

Get clear on what to do.

Do it ASAP.

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