My Word for 2018


I’ve been entrusted with a lot of good things.

Three wonderful kids. A beautiful wife. Growing responsibility in my career. My own health.

In the parable of the talents (Gospel of Matthew 25:14-20 for those not familiar), three stewards are trusted with different amounts of money – 5 talents, 2 talents and 1 talent.

If you know the story, you know what happens. The steward with five talents invested and grew his store to 10 talents.  The steward with two talents invested and grew his talents to four. And the steward with one talent and buried his to make sure he wouldn’t lose what he had.

The two stewards that invested and grew what they were entrusted with were praised and promoted. The fellow who buried his talent? You’re fired!

During the upcoming year (and beyond, I hope), my focus is to steward well the blessings I’ve been given.

God did not bless me solely for my pleasure. He expects me to nurture and grow His blessings and offer them back to Him.

My wife and children do not exist to please me. I exist to love them and pour out my life for them.

My career does not exist solely to fulfill my need to provide. I exist to serve my colleagues, clients, and vendors – to figure out how to help their interests grow.

My finances, health, and time don’t exist to be used to give me optimum comfort. I should use these things and take care of them in a way that will allow them to grow so they can be used to bless and encourage others.

Stewarding. Not selfishly consuming or fearfully burying the gifts I’ve been given.

Nurturing them. Growing them. Offering them back.



What’s your word?

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