My 3 Simple Rules for a 50 and Over Fitness Program

Day 19 – 75Hard Phase 1

Disregard if you’ve always stuck with your exercise plan.

Do not disregard if you’re frustrated with your health and fitness and are nervous to start attacking that area of your life.

You’ve failed before. You’d rather not fail and just get on Type-2 and heart meds than

I started getting my act together in January of 2021 at 223.5 – after probably being up closer to 230 in September of 2020 and even higher at points in 2020.

I had two rules at the time. Tonight, I’m a quick Facebook message exchange with an old friend, I added one more on accident. But it works.

If you’re over 50 or just generally trying to right through ship, consider these rules:

  1. Do a little something everyday for the rest of your life – not until you hit a goal: Move. Lift a weight. Stretch or do yoga. Just create and keep the habit of intentional exercise .
  2. Don’t get injured: Many of us had a small teenage career in school or rec league athletics. Forget about that. Don’t come out of the gate running your heart out. Start slow. There’s no rush. Don’t be dumb.
  3. Make it a little hard 2-3 times a week (this is the new one): Apply a little pressure on yourself, but don’t go overboard. Add in a minute of jogging between 3 minutes of walking. Increase the weight. Do a squat.

We can talk about eating some other time.

Until then, just follow these rules. Eat sensibly and don’t stop doing a little something everyday.

Today is Day 19 of 75Hard, Phase 1 – in my attempt to conquer the full Live Hard program, cold showers and all.

The first book I’m reading during this 30 day reset: The Art of Impossible – A Peak Performance Primer, by Steven Kotler


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