May I Brag on My Kids for a Moment?

Sibs and friends
Sibs and friends

Yes, they are incredibly talented and brilliant in a billion different ways, but that’s not what is on my mind.

I don’t know if I will be able to paint the picture well enough, but I’m gonna give it a shot.

I have three children: a second grade daughter and twin boys who just started kindergarten. (their ages as of the writing of this post… should you find my blog 10 years from now, they are more than likely brilliant teenagers who never roll their eyes at me).

A child’s mom from one of my boy’s classes bought ice cream for everybody at lunch, but the students couldn’t eat it until after they finished their lunches. Unfortunately, my boy didn’t finish the meal in time and missed out. Consequently… tears.

My daughter was in the cafeteria at the same time, and she saw what was going down. Her little eyes welled up and, her teacher, noticing, asked if she wanted to go to him. My daughter’s teacher went and asked him if he was okay and let my daughter go give him a hug.

Then, my other son also saw what was happening and went over and gave his bro a hug.

Basically, I’m bragging about a sibling group hug.

I know they’re only 5 and 7, but if we can somehow facilitate their friendship as they grow – despite the sibling rivalries and the fights that will no doubt happen along the way, we will have considered ourselves mostly successful as parents.

I should probably brag on my wife here too. The friendship has grown from a long list of trips to parks, to the Nature Center, to libraries, and to other places and field trips (not the least of which are the epic adventures to Costco). Doing stuff together knits together, and that has been one of the best gifts my wife has given my children.

While I’m not bragging about making varsity soccer at age 5 or winning the Scripps Spelling Bee at age 7, I’m

proud that my young’ns are looking out for each other.

May they always have each others’ backs.

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