Learning to Love the Process: Day 51, #75hard

Blogging here and there through the 75Hard Challenge

I meant to check in after day 50, but I had other priorities and other topics on my mind.

A quick recap of what 75Hard entails in case you’re stumbling upon this post for the first time:

  1. Two 45 minute workouts a day – one has to be outside, but other than that, no specific prescription for the workouts
  2. Read 10 pages a day from a nonfiction book
  3. Drink one gallon of water a day
  4. Stick to a diet (any diet), no cheat meals or cheat snacks ever
  5. No alcohol

The thing that I’m enjoying the most about the program is that I’m learning to love the process more than the results.

I doubt I’ll keep working out twice a day everyday after the 75 days are over. It’s tempting, though.

I enjoy the feeling at the end of each day, knowing that I worked out, read some good content, ate healthfully, drank my gallon of water, and ended the day, more or less, a little bit better than I started the day.

The process of taking care of my spiritual, mental, and physical health has become less about about achieving a goal (although I do have a weight goal), and more about becoming a more effective human for those around me.

That said, I could be less grumpy. I gotta learn to go to bed earlier if I’m going to get up at 4:30 for my first workout of the day!

In the end, I don’t know where my weight will settle (as of now, I’m about 26 lbs down for the year). I don’t really care at this point. It will be where it needs to be as I continue some manner of exercise, wise eating, and personal accountability habits.

I am loving the process of starting my day by getting my blood flowing.

I love the process of becoming better at yoga.

I love the process of slowly building strength – without injuring myself.

I love having finished four books since the beginning of the year.

I love eating more healthily in a habitual way vs. having to force myself to do it.

Frisella has a point (the 75Hard creator). 30 days just isn’t long enough.

Day 51 Stats

Workout 1: 46 minute walk/jog in the neighborhood. 3.26 miles
Workout 2: 53 strength (squats for 10 minutes) and 40 min Yoga with Adriene practice

Reading: Relentless Solution Focus by Dr. Jason Selk, pages 45-62

Diet: Whole30 – I am doing an extended Whole30 Reintroduction protocol to get me through the 75 days to test which foods really mess with my body. Continuing to slightly intro dairy, regular bacon, peanuts, and some cold cuts that might not strictly follow Whole30 guidelines.

Resource & Program Links (click on anything underlined for more info):

75Hard Website

Whole30 Program Guidelines

2003 Rock Hard Challenge Month 1, Week 3

Yoga with Adriene

64 Oz Water Bottle (I grabbed one for home and one for work – drink two and I have my gallon done for each day)

Books I’ve Read During the Challenge:

Currently Reading – Relentless Solution Focus by Dr. Jason Selk

Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink & Leif Babin

The Motivation Code by Todd Henry

Leadership Strategies and Tactics: Field Manual by Jocko Willink

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