Learning to Choose Unmitigated Discipline

 If you know me personally, in real life, you are laughing at the title of this blog post.

You should. I’m not the picture of unmitigated discipline.

Neither am I the picture of choosing, every time, what love requires of me or the absolute wisest option.

Still, this third filter for decision making is an important third test for our choices.

Choosing unmitigated discipline isn’t nearly as inspiring as choosing the loving or wise thing to do, but should those two questions not clarify the decision, viewing your options through the lens of discipline might do the trick.

Sifting through a decision based on discipline can also give the freedom to choose the ‘undisciplined’ thing with some clarity of conscience.

If you have been eating well and exercising, but choose a bowl of ice cream because you have the freedom to do so – even if it isn’t the disciplined choice, you are still making an intentional choice. There’s something freeing about that.

Choosing based on discipline means that we are choosing based on our vision of our best selves.

That sounds woo-woo, but it’s true.

You choose to do the most disciplined thing because it’s good for you and in keeping with what’s best for you, your family, your friends, your employer, etc. That is a powerful practice over time.

Deciding in this manner makes you a person that people can depend on. And that’s important for those who depend on you because they can do so confidently.

And that, my friend, is a pretty big deal.

A quick final note: Don’t forget to use this filter along with the others! Choosing discipline every time might take you out of binds with love and wisdom.

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