Keeping a Record

Blogging through the COVID-19 pandemic….

While everybody is throwing up Instagram Lives and Facebook Lives and sharing their singing and musical recordings from their bedrooms, I’m going to give a very 2012 practice a shot.

I’m going to blog through the pandemic.

I’m going to keep a record of what’s going on with our mostly unaffected suburban family of five. If for no other reason, it’ll force me to examine the way I’m spending my time, engaging with my family, and dealing with the very weird thoughts and emotions that this COVID-19 emergency brings up.

We’re three weeks in. Today is Saturday April 4 and the first day home for the kids from school was Tuesday March 17th. I worked a couple days that week in the office, but since I’m asthmatic, my wife was extremely concerned about my being out and about. So I’ve been ‘sheltered in place’ for the most part since the work week beginning March 23.

Why write about how we’re handling things when we’re really in a very safe spot (knock on wood)…

While this thing is horrifically tragic for so many, horribly devastating economically for millions, and extremely sad for all kinds of people who had ‘firsts’ and ‘lasts’ happening during this time (weddings, graduations, proms, new jobs, bucket list vacations and mission trips, and tons of other things), I’m trying to stand by the idea that this will also create some amazing opportunities for many of us.

I cannot control what I cannot control. I cannot make Broadway open so my daughter and wife and I can take her on her birthday vacation to see a couple shows. That’s out of my control. I’m definitely sad, but I also realize that is like stubbing my middle toe compared to what people who are directly affected by this virus are going through.

It’s a small thing. We’ll be able to take the trip some day.

More than that, I cannot directly affect the current outcomes. I can’t manufacture personal protection items. I cannot make decisions regarding ventilators. I cannot force people to stay at home.

I can only steward what I have to steward:

  1. My time
  2. My energy
  3. My resources – financial and otherwise
  4. My relationships

I would venture to say quite a few people are in my position. They don’t have the virus or a have a family member who does. They’re stuck at home. They’re concerned about the economy. They’re navigating how to make sure they have the right supplies. They’re confronted with how their family relationships are doing.

And to add a few more… they’re also faced with no excuses as far as time is concerned related to working on projects and themselves. Stuff they’ve not worked on in a long time.

In the end, there are many opportunities that we will be able to find in the midst of this deal. Again, I’m not unaware of how bad this thing is for many people and even how frustrating it is for nearly all off us. But what good is it to constantly focus on those things?

My big question for myself:

What, at the end of this pandemic, will I regret not having done?

So I’ll keep a record. My kiddos won’t want me to be overly specific. I’m private enough to also not want to be overly confessive, but I think a few thoughts here and there are okay. Maybe a few ‘it’s none of my business’ suggestions to those of you who might find them helpful.

You won’t find news information here. Just a dude processing life under very different and strange circumstances.

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