It’s true until it isn’t

Day 16 – 75Hard Phase 1

By ‘it’ I mean the stories we tell ourselves.

Those stories we tell ourselves about what we can or cannot do are only true until we prove ourselves wrong.

When we fall into the mindset that says we have hit our limit or can’t do this or don’t have enough talent for that or will never be able to blah blah blah…. it’s true.

But it’s only true as long as we let it be true.

This is one instance when we want to be proved to be a liar or, at the very least, ignorant as to what we’re truly capable of.

The one thing I know is this: there is no reason not to try if it’s something that you think is worth while.

Just create a plan. Execute the plan. Tell that lying voice inside your head to shush and get after it.

Today is Day 16 of 75Hard, Phase 1 – in my attempt to conquer the full Live Hard program, cold showers and all.

The first book I’m reading during this 30 day reset: The Art of Impossible – A Peak Performance Primer, by Steven Kotler


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