Is Your Freedom Tied Up in Someone Else’s “I’m Sorry”?

Monday Morning Sermon Quarterback

The Church: North Point Community Church.

The Preacher: April Farmer.

The Series: Glad You Did – Timeless Advice for Troubled Times.

The sermon topic: Forgive (Week 3)

I’m not going to Monday morning QB this thing. I’m just going to list out a few of the notes that I took, beginning with the title of this post.

I’m misquoting her slightly, but it’s close enough for me to hit with little bits of shrapnel of ‘oof’.

It’s like that old quote that bitterness is like taking a poison pill and expecting the other person to die.

“If you’re freedom is tied up in someone else’s ‘I’m sorry’, then you’ll stay in prison.”

Something like that. Powerful.

Imagine giving the keys to your freedom to someone who you feel is completely unjust. Wow.

Just powerful and so true on many levels: unforgiveness, bitterness, anger, regret, hate.

We give up our freedom to situations, people, and moments that can’t give that freedom back, really. It’s sad.

Back to my notes….

  • We all do things intentionally or unintentionally that cause offense.
  • The offense creates a debt.
  • There are two options for settling debt: (1) demand pament or (2) forgive the debt, deciding to release or cancel the debt that is owed.
  • Matthew 6:9-13 (The Lord’s Prayer)
  • Matthew 18:22 – Forgive 70 x 7
  • Forgiveness isn’t easy and it is NOT denial (good thing to remember for those who really want that sorry – this isn’t about denial of something that happened).
  • Part of the whole thing is learning to let go.
  • Forgiveness isn’t something you do one time. It’s a process.
  • Forgiveness isn’t an occasional act. it’s a constant attitude (I believe this one was attributed to MLK, Jr.)
  • Life is connected. It doesn’t seem that things are related, but unforgiveness in one area ends up affecting our family and friends or kids even though it doesn’t seem like it would.
  • To forgive: pray for them. bless them. do good for them.
  • Romans 12:17 – Don’t repay evil for evil….
  • Do not be overcome by evil, but overcome evil with good.

Take those notes for what they’re worth. If forgiveness is an issue for you, I highly recommend going back up to the top of this post and clicking on the link and listening to or watching the message.

You’ll be Glad You Did. (See what I did there?)

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