Is What I’m Living for Worth Dying for?

This is one of those questions you get at the men’s breakfast at church.

The question is simple: If my life was bought with a heavy price (as I believe as a Christian), then is my life, as it is being lived, an appropriate response?

Sometimes, yes. Sometimes, no. I don’t always get it right. I sometimes can be a little lazy. Sometimes, I’m a poor steward of all the good gifts and blessings I’ve been given. Sometimes, I’m overly excited by the stuff I either have or don’t have instead of being a person who gives myself for others.

Today, on Memorial Day, this question comes in even sharper relief.

It’s not a theological question today. My freedom–and its protection–have been bought with spilled blood starting centuries ago and continuing to this very day.

I’m amazed at what goes into allowing a suburban family (like mine) to be more concerned about which soccer league we’ll send our kids to vs. whether or not we have to sneak into a house of worship or fear if we voice an opinion that doesn’t jive with whatever political power is in place at the time.

So… how will I live in light of the fact that many have died to allow me to have a virtual blank canvas to paint my life on?  Even at 41, the world is wide open to me.

Pardon me if you’ve not seen this movie. But I’ll leave a short video from Saving Private Ryan. He is staring at the grave marker of the man who led a team into hostile territory during World War II.

Private Ryan was saved at the cost of many lives. While most of us weren’t rescued from combat, we still have a freedom that was bought with the price of spilled blood.

At the end, we want to be able to honor the lives of the people who have given us the opportunities granted by freedom. Sure, it’s great to be able to celebrate in May with dogs and burgers (guilty as charged). But it’s more awesome to celebrate by living lives of great purpose, love, and generosity.

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