Is Comfort the Ultimate Goal?

You’d think it is.

If I watched my own self (at times), I’d think that my ‘If Only’ would end with ‘… I could sit around and binge watch Netflix and ESPN all day, then I’d be happy.’

But I know that isn’t the life I want to look back on. I’m sure it’s not the life you want to look back on either.

You want to do the thing that you are excited about but that scares you. You want to make the difficult decisions that help you make a positive mark in your closest relationships and in your community and maybe even the world.

You want to live knowing that when you die you’ve left a legacy… a body of work… to those that come behind you.

We don’t want comfort. We want to live in a way that has positive ripple effects through generations.

Does that sound grandiose? Does that sound a melodramatic?

If you’re a parent, isn’t your heart’s desire to see your child live a life that they love, using the gifts they have, and having a positive impact?

In order to see that happen, we often have to make the uncomfortable decisions that go with bringing up children to be awesome adults.

Having an ultimate goal of contribution vs. comfort isn’t all that grandiose. It’s what our mentors or parents or teachers wanted for us. It’s what business leaders that we respect want for their teams. It’s what coaches want.

And none of them achieved any of it by making decisions based on an ultimate desire for comfort. There was always a bias toward contribution.

You might want to sit on the beach with a fruity umbrella drink on occasion, but something tells me you want contribution to be your legacy, not comfort.

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