How To See What You Can’t See

Photo by Josh Calabrese on Unsplash

Recently, I watched the first episode of the Cleveland Browns season of the HBO series, Hard Knocks.

There was a scene in the show where Jarvis Landry, who was beginning his first season as a Brown, confronts his teammates about their poor habits on the practice field. And by ‘confronts’, I mean verbally berates them.

His comments were probably warranted. He went to college at a winning program (LSU) and averaged around 1,000 yards receiving in his two years as a Miami Dolpin.

Basically, the guy has a winner’s perspective.

The Cleveland Browns? 0-16 the year before. 1-15 the year before that. 3-13 the year before that.

I don’t want to assume that the team’s culture is suspect, but there’s a chance that’s the case.

Enter Landry.

A new set of eyes.

Someone who can see the situation with more perspective than those who have been living in the situation for a couple years.

People with bad habits don’t always realize there’s another way. They don’t even see the habits as bad habits. The habits are just the way life is done.

Bad practice isn’t bad practice. It’s just practice.

That is, until someone who knows how to practice and who has a work ethic and who has experienced success comes in and gives a vision for a new direction.

Even new Browns quarterback Tyrod Taylor – the Browns new quarterback – despite being on a mediocre team in the Buffalo Bills, brings a ‘first to the office’ work ethic that shines the light on a mentality of just showing up and grabbing a paycheck.

The point of all this: Sometimes we can’t see what we need to see because we’re too entrenched on the inside.

We don’t see where we’re lacking. We don’t see our bad habits. We aren’t clear where our thinking is wonky.

We need someone from the outside. A trusted friend. A counselor. A coach.

And we need ears to hear. We need to be open. We can’t be defensive, especially if there’s an area where we know for sure we aren’t getting the results that we want.

We all need someone, every once in a while, to walk through and evaluate our ‘practice habits’. We need to let someone in, and if we don’t have someone that jumps to mind, then we need to be willing to pay a professional and give them access so they can see what we can’t see.


We don’t want to be the 2015-2017 Cleveland Browns in any area of our lives. We don’t want to go 1-15 in parenting. We don’t want to be 3-13 as a spouse. We don’t want our physical health’s record to be the equivalent of 0-16.

Find someone to see what you can’t see and be willing to hear what he or she has to say.

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