How to Quickly Create Parenting Goals

Most people have a love hate relationship with goals. We know they’re good to have, but they also carry with them a bit of shame when we fail to achieve them.

We commit. We fail. We eat chips and dip. It’s the cycle.

Setting goals is an art and science in and of itself. That’s not what I want to talk about in this post. I want to keep it simple. I don’t want us to sit around and develop a vision and mission and all that and then back into 3-5 goals for blah blah blah.

I want you to eyeball it. I want you to Rorschach test it.

My goals for parenting my kids are….. (and then just spew out the first three things to come to mind).

Or…. I’ll have been a successful parent if…. (and then just spew out the first three things to come to mind).

Those of us who are blessed enough right now during the COVID-19 pandemic (and in the future who are blessed enough to have kids, regardless of when) might be spending a lot more time at home. Yes, you’re working all day so it shouldn’t be much different, but the fact that most families are holed up together 24/7 creates many more ‘parenting opportunities’ for a lack of a better description.

If you’re an introspective human like I am, you start noticing more how you’re handling yourself in each relationship.

As a parent, I’ve had to ask myself… what do I hope I’m able to accomplish with these guys and girl who call me Dad? It’s a huge possibility and opportunity

So I wrote a few things down today…..

  • I want them to pursue things they love and things they might come to love, even if it’s challenging and difficult to do so.
  • I want them to love Jesus and love others.
  • I want them to enjoy life and develop purpose – despite the inevitable struggles that will pop up.

Not really well-defined or well-thought out. Wet cement perhaps – not unchangeable.

But a good enough starting point. A good enough filter for how I should lead them and help set boundaries and allow for freedom.

And it took me all of 5 minutes. Don’t overthink it. Just do it. You’ll find it’s a helpful exercise.

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