How to Overcome Procrastination

This will be short, because both you and I probably have something more important we need to be doing.

There are three areas where I find procrastination rears its head. Any other area that you can come up with should fit in these three areas in some way:

  • Overwhelm and confusion
  • Fear
  • Distraction

I know I cheated by having two words for the first bullet point, but they’re both in the same family.

The antidote to each of these is as follows:

  • Gaining clarity on a SINGLE next action
  • Taking one small courageous action
  • Turning off all possible distraction delivery systems so you can focus on taking that action and stringing it together with the second small action.

I’m committed to the idea that most problems of human productivity and goal accomplishment can be solved by developing greater clarity, courage, and focus.

There might be some greater issues at work that make courageous action difficult or that hinder relentless focused action. You might have a very hard time deciding on a course of action (i.e. gaining clarity).

But in the end, if you can attack each of these areas and develop the skills of clarity, courage, and focus…. There is nothing that can stop you. I truly believe that.

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