How to Manage the Micro vs. the Macro

I’ve heard this quote a few times recently: Pray like it all depends on God. Work like it all depends on you.

Solid wisdom there.

During this current time (and by ‘current’ I mean when I’m writing it and when you’re reading it whether that’s 8/27/21 or 1/22/24 or 10/01/53), when things are topsy-turvy domestically, internationally, and possibly in your own personal life, a good rule of thumb is this:

  1. Focus hard on the micro
  2. Pray and trust God with the macro

As I write this, I cannot do diddly squat to change the current situation in Afghanistan – where we’re drawing down troops and soldiers and Afghanistan citizens are dying. That is the macro.

I can pray hard. I can vote when it’s time for me to vote. I can look around and take action to support a cause or effort that might have a direct effect, but my worry and fear and incessant social media posting and reading does no one much good.

But I can focus on the micro.

I can practice loving my family and keeping myself healthy and working hard for my clients. If there is something that is particularly on my heart, i.e. if the Afghanistan situation is really tugging hard at me, then perhaps I should find a community nearby that I can serve. Or make sure I’m handling my finances in such a way that I’m able to give generously to a cause.

But… in the end, there are forces and situations over which I have no control or much influence at all. For those, I pray.

On the other hand, I can work hard today. I can serve others in my immediate world. I can make the call I need to make. I can budget and keep within my means. I can go for a jog or lift a few weights and eat well.

I can do those things. I must do those things. For when my little bit of micro work somehow collides with the macro, I want it to be a positive collision. I want my contribution to serve and benefit as many people as possible.

How can you, today, focus on the micro?

Where do you need to take a deep breath and hand the macro to God?

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