How to Get Your Groove Back


I should find an appropriate Garfield cartoon for this post.

Mondays… the end of the weekend, the beginning of the work week.  The day of dread for so many people out there (which is kind of sad that most people dislike their work so much that they can’t stand Mondays).

One of my biggest struggles with Mondays is that the weekend often disturbs the momentum I built up during the previous week and my schedule and internal clock are all out of whack.

The Tummy Bug and Other Disruptions

This past weekend, in particular. We were supposed to celebrate my wife’s birthday on Saturday, but we got so far as my award-winning pancake breakfast before the tummy bug started making it’s march through the bellies in my family.

Not only am I out of touch with my momentum from Friday, I’m also out of energy and the environment is a mixture of messiness (who feels like picking up when they’re sick?) and the scent of disinfectant wipes (because we want to break the chain, yo).

Whether it’s the stomach crud or a weekend full of joyful frivolity, it’s easy to get off track as far as the disciplines you’ve implemented around whatever areas in your life you’re trying to make improvement.

How Can You Reconnect with Your Momentum?

Some individuals I’ve heard tell of live their weekends exactly as they live their weekdays. In other words, they get up at 5am all week – every single day.

Unfortunately, I am not that guy. Maybe it’s something I should aspire to. We’ll see.

But for now, I give myself some grace to wake up a little later (i.e. 7:30 or 8:00) and not exactly stick to my daily routine.

When I hit Monday, though, I must get back into the swing of things, and quickly.

Here are my not-rocket-science suggestions for getting your groove back on Monday (or any day after you’ve been knocked off your pattern):

  1. Sleep with Your Running Clothes on: Literally or figuratively, depending on your morning routine. I first heard this phrase from Nerd Fitness creator Steve Kamb on a podcast I listened to recently (Pat Flynn’s Smart Passive Income Podcast). It’s a catchy way of saying that you need to take the speed bumps out of the way of your morning routine. If you want to read something helpful, put the book out. If you want to eat something healthy, stage it in the fridge or on the counter. Make it as simple for yourself as possible.
  2. Decide Before Hand: This suggestion precedes the prior suggestion. Make sure you have a morning routine in mind. What 1-3 tasks do you want to accomplish first thing on Monday that you know will put you back on track? Write them down, and they go to sleep with your running clothes on.
  3. Plan on Friday: This suggestion is for those who like to hit their workday hard on Monday morning. If you’re like me, you can need the first 2 hours of Monday recreating where you were Friday evening when you left. Where were you on specific projects? What were the next steps or contact you needed to make? Take some time on Friday to select some Most Important Tasks (or practices) for Monday morning. Take the guess work out of things.

What works for you?

What gets you going in the right direction when your inner clock has been joggled around a bit?

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