How to Become a Two Percenter

This post is blatant theft of the MFCEO Project Podcast Episode 22. Listen to that podcast at your own risk as Andy Frisella is uncensored and the f-bombs flow. But his cohost Vaughn Kohler provides a very nice yin to the Frisella yang.

In the MFCEO world, the 2% are people who actually succeed over time at being an entrepreneur.

As I listened to this particular episode (two times in the last two days), I realized that Frisella’s formula applies to most anything that is (a) worth succeeding at and (b) requires some measure of work to achieve success.

Why Only 2% Succeed

The 2% does not equal the 2% of fortunate souls who happen to get lucky and become wealthy, healthy, or master a skill because of some divine dispensation or genetic lottery.

Most of the people who seem to have been handed the silver spoon might have had some talent or advantage, but the world is littered with people like that who do not take that talent or advantage and apply work and resilience to it.

Nope. Success (in most important areas minus stuff like dunking a basketball or other things that require specific physical makeups) isn’t only for a chosen few.

Here is the math on how to become a Two Percenter:

  1. 70% of those who want to accomplish a thing will just assume they can’t and won’t even try.
  2. 20% might give it a go, but the moment they run into adversity, they drop off and quit.
  3. 8% will try, and can possibly take a blow, but the grind – the fact that anything of importance requires daily, consistent work – will get to them, and they’ll drop off.
  4. 2% will stick with it. They’ll take a blow and keep going. They’ll install habits to help them maintain focus when the grind becomes tedious and monotonous.

Are the percentages arbitrary? A little bit.

Do the percentages pass the sniff test… even the self-awareness test? Probably so.

I’m about to hit ‘publish’ on this post on a Monday.

It’s the perfect day to evaluate the thing you want to accomplish and make a decision to pursue being a 2% in being successful.

  1. Do you realize you can do it?
  2. Are you willing to push through adversity when it inevitably arises?
  3. Are you willing to install daily habits and rearrange your life – and help those around you adjust expectations of you – so you can get after that thing?

If you nail these three things over the long-haul, you’ll be a Two Percenter.

For what it’s worth, I believe in you.

Get after it.

Currently Reading: Relentless Solution Focus by Dr. Jason Selk

The book is all about identifying your PCT (problem centered thinking) and replacing it with RSF (Relentless Solution Focus) so you can focus on solutions vs. problems, increasing your mental toughness and optimism.

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