How to be intentionally influential

What if you and I took our ability to influence seriously and leaned into it?

What if we developed intentionality around our influence?

What if we looked at those under our care or within our immediate sphere and considered what improvement we can bring to their lives?

Not what we can give them, but how we can help them grow. How we can encourage them to lean into their own talents and calling, whether they are 4 or 74?

A 4 year old needs to begin developing the habit of exploring what they love to do and experiencing new things. She needs to learn to take chances.

You can help influence her to do those things. You’re going to influence her anyway, just by being an older person in her life. She’ll be watching and learning. You might as well make it much more worth her while.

A 74 year old? He might never have had anybody speak to and draw out the skills, wisdom, and experience he has built up over his years.

Your influence might be just the thing to help create a new mentor in your community by identifying and calling out the untapped potential in this man’s life.

We do not realize the power we have to influence for good. And we won’t maximize this power unless we start paying attention, notice opportunities to influence, and take them.

Go be influential today.

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