How Our Sneaky Dopamine Addictions Destroy Dreams

Whenever you stop the important but tedious thing that you’re doing to pick up your phone and check social media, you’re destroying your dreams.

That one there – the phone pickup to see who loves us – is the most easily understood form of dopamine addiction we seem to have.

Most any person with a smartphone is addicted to checking texts, social posts, email, and any number of other things. He or she is gets to a particularly tough part of work, and after 3 seconds of thinking, reaches for the phone, opens the screen, and check Instagram.

Dopamine hit.

But there’s an even more insidious and sneaky version of dopamine addiction that parades in a disguise of virtue, especially if you’re a parent.

It’s the problem of helping coordinate everything our kids are into so that they find success.

Many people think that these parents are all about reliving the glory years.


The real trap is siphoning off dopamine hits from your children’s experiences and success.

We realize it’s easier for us to take a drag off our child getting chosen for the team, the cast, or the honor society than it is for us to engage our own dreams and do the work that our own dreams require.

We get enough second-hand buzz off those moments that we are able to endure our lack of success or lack of experience in our own lives.

We don’t want to go back and experience what our kids get a chance to experience. But we want to get the high from it.

Just watch out if you find yourself in a position where you’re overly into your child’s success at a certain thing. Or if you’re struggling with any of the traditional issues with grabbing dopamine hits.

It might be that you’re not clear what you’re wanting to do, so you reach for other ways to scratch your itch.

It might be that you’re having a crisis in courage. Your fear is driving you to push others to do what you can’t seem to at the moment.

It might be a matter of focus. You see squirrels everywhere.

Just be aware – aware of where you’re getting your urge to feel good about yourself from.

Be careful. Your addiction just could be hidden in your ‘involvement’ as a parent or spouse or friend.

Especially note whether or not you’re engaging anything that is personally meaningful. If not, why not?

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