How Do You Protect Your Time?

how do you protect your time

Seriously. I’m asking. I would love to know.

There are times when I’m not so great at making sure the time I have with the people I love is as high quality as I’d like it to be.

If you’re good at protecting your time, keeping priorities, saving margin in your day for your most important relationships… how do you do it?

And if you have white space at the end of your day, do you feel like you spend it wisely (on those relationships or other most important priorities)?

Is there more screen time than face time?

Is there more showing each other what we found online vs. sharing with each other what happened in our day?

I’m the last person to be overly-critical of time spent on devices, but I am extremely nervous about how habits can develop without our even knowing it.

I guess protecting time starts with noticing how I’m using it?

Or maybe protecting time starts with deciding how I should be engaging and actually scheduling it into my evening’s calendar (yes, I’m mostly talking about time at home, not time at work).

All I know is that every day is a day I can’t get back. And every day is a day that builds upon the day before.

What am I building with my days? What are you building with yours?


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