How Can I Be a Bulldozer?

As I get older as a parent and get further down the road in my career, my goals (should) become less about my own achievement and success and more about those around me.

I can’t sacrifice my children’s goals on the altar of my own dreams, despite the fact that I still need to pursue my dreams as a positive example if for no other reason.

I can’t run roughshod over my colleagues because I want to hit my own numbers. I can’t throw folks under the bus to gain my own upper hand.

Clearing the Way vs. Being a Stumbling Block

Instead, I have to figure out ways to make things as smooth as possible for them to pursue their own goals.

I must help them clarify their own goals

I need to help bolster their courage.

I should help them figure out how to remove their own distractions.

And I have to develop a daily practice that demonstrates this as one of my main functions in my relationships.

I’m a steward of these relationships: These people aren’t mine. My kids aren’t mine. My colleagues aren’t mine. My clients aren’t mine. My friends aren’t mine.

I’m a steward of relationships. God has put these folks in my path for a season. It’s up to me to help make their lives better during that season.

So… I gotta be a bulldozer. I have to be someone who clears the way.

You do too.

Words of encouragement.

Keeping your own commitments and promises.

Maintaining your own health so you don’t need to depend on everybody else for your own energy

How can you and I be bulldozers in order to make straight and clear the paths for those around us?

Be like this thing….

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